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The Lotus Sport Exige GT3 Lotus Sport Exige GT3 undertakes testing for FIA GT3 European Championship December 16, 2005 A prototype of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 race car was unveiled at the annual FIA GT Championship presentation ceremony outside the world famous Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco on 02 December, 2005. Includes: - Updated shifter / parking brake assembly - Updated shifter and gate cables This is the revised design that addresses the weakness / breakage issues seen with the earlier model shifter. An aftermarket fitment that is installed on your existing indicator stalks - Enquire Hard top. Offered as a hardtop iteration of the Lotus Elise roadster, the Exige is a Lotus Exige Aftermarket and Replacement Parts. Steel cylinder for crossgate arm with tighter tolerances. 5-litre V6 engine. Later models have the breather tube X026S0052Z and a rubber hose, linking the head with the air box. 7 deg ambient air temperature day we logged the intake air temperatures and pressures of a stock V6 and found the intake air temperatures regularly hit over 90 degrees Celsius and Lotus parts, accessories, servicing and repairs. The Lotus Elise & Exige Supercharger Upgrade developed by Simply Sports Cars in Australia, uses the Harrop TVS 1320 supercharger which is based on Eaton’s new Twin Vortices Series ( TVS ™ ) compressor featuring twin intermeshing four-lobe rotors, twisted in a helix angle of 160° to achieve high thermal efficiency, is widely accepted as The Lotus Exige Cup 380 Is Too Much Fun to Be Street Legal. Besides offering a vast range of products which have specifically been designed for your car, we are also offering products from other, well known suppliers. There are a number of intake kits you can fit to your S2 Elise/Exige. I´ll do my very best My little upgrade story started in November 2014 when I finally got my Ardent red Exige V6 from Lotus Munic. The English automaker is using technology seen on the Exige GT3 racecar and bringing it to the common man. 99 1PCS Car Rubber Exhaust Tail Pipe Mount Brackets Hanger Insulator 12mm/4 Holes New for 2008 is the Lotus Exige S 240, a more powerful model that features adjustable launch control and traction control systems. This car is a positive monster. Brand new Lotus OEM shifter update kit. 5 seconds from the lap time at Lotus’ test track compared to the Exige S. The Lotus barely slows as the first corner approaches, tackling the tight curve with minimal tyre squeal or fuss. This 2007 Lotus Exige S has 28,100 miles. As a result, it shares much of its running gear with the former, however, the settings have been dialled back to establish a suitable character for both road and track ECU Upgrades There are 6 products. Start new topic; 46 topics in this forum. Lotus Motorsport redefines the Exige V6 Cup with the introduction of the Exige 360 Cup. Weight. The VIN number end with 0700 which indicates that the car is the very first from '07 Lotus Exige S. Lotus Exige S Coupe\Upgrades. It combines power, suspension, cooling and telemetry upgrades to ensure that it is both fast and reliable on track. First introduced in 2000, the Lotus Exige is now well into its third generation, but so far, it stays true to its roots. Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic • Datsun 280Z • Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe • Infiniti FX50 • Hot Wheels Bone Shaker™ • Lotus Exhaust systems and products for the Lotus Elise and Exige from Blackwatch Racing, the leader in Lotus racing and performance products. This HowTo provides a walk through on the removal of the seat padding, replacement, and reinstall without destroying the seat and cosmetic traces of a modification being performed. New lightweight panels and an increase in power mean the Lotus Motorsport Cup model continues to provide a benchmark in handling and performance. blackwatchracing. Lotus confirms new Elise S Cup Tue, 09 Sep 2014 08:45:00 EST. Working Dials Breakable Glass HD Working Lights Openable Doors, and Trunk Working Steering Wheel LOD's (L0-L2) Tunable [Other than roof and hood upgrades] and More! Lotus' lighter, more aerodynamic Exige Cup makes zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 3. Induction & Exhaust. Upgrade your Exige S or Evora S to develop real power! Working with Komo-Tec in Germany, we have a range of upgrade packages available for the supercharged V6 Toyota engine as fitted to the Exige and Evora models. We bought this car from the second owner with about 5k miles on it, and sold it to the 3rd and the 4th owner, so we've known the car for quite a while. It gets go-kart handling, thanks to its light weight as well as its aerodynamics and aluminium chassis. Unlike the Cup, you can 2008 Lotus Exige S Club Racer For 2008 Lotus Cars released its latest limited edition – the exciting “Club Racer”, a visually distinctive version of the Exige S. The color is Phantom Black. For the last few years it was owned by DRS race shop that ran the car and was perfectly maintained and given some great upgrades. Car details. One word to describe the before and after effect . Lotus Workshop A second generation of Exige was released in 2004 featuring several upgrades, including a tweaked 16-valve engine, a fiberglass hardtop roof, and a customized rear spoiler. Getting in and out is a fine art, Ladies- it'll take you time to master being in heels and a skirt. This car won the Lotus Cup Championship in 2013 and had many other wins. So first of all, sorry for my bad English. BOE Fabrication 7111 W. From air boxes and exhausts to programmable ECU's, we offer the perfect solutions for your Lotus Elise/Exige. Limited to 50 examples, LOTUS EXIGE 360 CUP is revealed on 14 August 2015. We have extensive experience with the K-series (S1 Elise/Exige), 1ZZ-FE and 2ZZ-GE (S2 Elise/Exige), 1ZR-FAE and 2ZR-FE (S3 Elise), 2GR-FE (S3 Exige/Evora) and 2GR-FZE (Evora S) powerplants, and are able to offer a variety of engine and cooling upgrades to suit your budget. The Elise is, at the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, a rather fine handling car, but we’re often asked about the changes that can be made to make it even better. This is the first Federal (left hand drive) production vehicle in North Americas including Mexico & Canada. Lotus Elise chases Exige on track The Series 1 Lotus Elise was a revelation back in 2000 More grown-up Lotuses: Esprit and Evora Lotus Esprit V8, shot for CAR by Jamie Lipman C'mon, say you aren't Lotus Elise S Club Racer finished in Daytona Blue. A vehicle as light and agile as the Lotus Exige is all about driver involvement, but those enticed by the nimble sports car's handling and performance who aren't keen on working a stick shift now have another option at their disposal. Production of the Exige S started in 2005. While trying to decide what performance parts are right for your Lotus Exige, whether it be brake parts, spark plugs or a new suspension, you'll be inundated with a vast choice of performance upgrades at CARiD. . Our Aim is to provide Lotus owners with top quality service, parts and repairs for all Lotus models. With a choice of potent supercharged V6 engines, a motorsportproven chassis, dramatic styling and hardcore handling, the recipe for intense performance remains uncompromising. The Lotus Exige is the "middle brother" between the Lotus Elise and Evora. This was part of the buildup for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and features the Lotus supercar announcement with all of its 1,200 horsepower greatness. Race of Remembrance has rapidly ascended to a position as one of the crown jewels of the British club racing calendar. com. Elise Shop : Interior - Interior Exterior Lighting Wheels / Suspension Brakes Gadgets Specials Gearbox/Clutch Original Lotus parts Lotus Memorabilia Car Care / Detailing Engine Induction & Exhausts AP Racing Hurricane Larini Systems Pro-Alloy Richbrook Smartwax Nitron Andy special cat Tools Lubricants / coatings etc. Lesser upgrades include new What are the Top 5 Upgrades that any Lotus Elise Owner should have on their sports car? Daily Driving. Exige An idea forged in the white heat of competition but also extensively developed for the road, the Exige has always blended the extreme with the sublime. I have a certificate of provenance from Andy Graham at Lotus for this Exige. The Eliseparts original equipment replacement Wishbone Bushes are here! Our bushes have been redeveloped to offer the balance between slightly improved handling and geometry without compromising NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). 2007 Lotus Exige S KBB Expert Review. Looked after well, garaged at all time, sale due to previuous cusotmer going to work abroad. Very successful and well cared for Lotus Exige Cup car. While I was having my car sorted by Lotus Verhiest in Ostend I enquired about possible upgrades. Updated base plate. LETSLA- Lotus Elise/Exige Transmission Shifter Linkage Assembly. Lotus Elise S Club Racer finished in exclusive Daytona blue, with black wheels to match the black exterior pack. This upgrade section refers to car upgrade data in RR3 Wiki:Upgrades Section (Classic Version), please refer to post New Template Car Upgrades Including PR [[R SSC TVS1900 Supercharger Upgrade for the Exige V6. The Lotus Exige is a little sports coupe with a Toyota-sourced supercharged 3. Find your perfect used car for sale. Further details of the upgrades can be found below or by contacting Hangar 111. We provide all kinds of performance parts to dramatically increase the speed and power of your Lotus Exige or improve its look and feel. The newest Lotus track star is insanely fun. That defiant assertion is issued by an exhausted Dan Jude whose Lotus Exige has just staggered across the finish line at Anglesey after a torrid weekend of endurance racing in the bleakest corner of North Wales. Supercharged model with 14,000 miles (2014) – £33,999 . Others go for a supercharged Honda engine for reliable and explosive power. And a little cheaper. Worldwide shipping. The car is powered by a 3. Get in touch for pricing for ultra light, forged BC wheels, one of the performance packages or carbon fiber items. 2008 Lotus Exige 240 Original Model: Assetto Corsa, Forza Motorsport 4 Features: HD Interior and Exterior models and Textures. Typical for the Lotus Exige's appearance are the black rims, front splitter, rear spoiler, engine cover and small roof scoop. On a 25. Lotus Elise Exige S2 05-11 TOP SPEED PRO-1 Full Titanium Catback Exhaust System $1799. Welcome to the most complete Lotus 0-60 & quarter mile times resource online offering a comprehensive index of Lotus 0 to 60 car specs, including Lotus Evora, Lotus Elise, Lotus Esprit V8, Lotus Exige, Lotus Elan, Lotus Europa, Lotus Seven and many more! Eliseparts Wishbone Bushes. Lotus Exige S V6 Carbon Seats It also has a lowered center of gravity and all these upgrades have slashed 2. 151st Street Suite 341 Overland Park, KS 66223 Very successful and well cared for Lotus Exige Cup car. People really enjoy the black color too. Lotus Exige Sport 350 announced with Unveiling the Exige Sport 350 Roadster and the Lotus Evora Sport 410 at the Geneva Motor Show. Lotus Elise / Exige RS Exhaust Katana/BWR Supercharger Tune 2005+ Gotham Tune for Exige S 2006+ Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump. Lotus has unveiled the new Exige Sport 410 to augment the current Exige lineup. My worst upgrade was supercharging only the Exige and not doing the Elise as well. For more information on this sensational 2010 Lotus Exige S 240 or any of our 100+ High-Performance, Exotic and Special Interest cars always in stock, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants or always feel free to drop by our 40,000+ sq ft of Indoor Showrooms in Bellevue, WA - Home of an Exciting Inventory of Luxury, Exotic, High Performance and Collectible Automobiles. Its lighter weight, revised gearbox, optional aero package, and quicker 0-to-60 mph sprint times should attract the Lotus purists. Lotus Elise Suspension Upgrades. Miles may go up slightly if I take it out on a nice day. We have seen a stunning elise engine conversion using a 1. Multimedia stereo with Bluetooth handsfree phone calling, GPS & reversing camera - Simply Sports Cars online shop for more details Cruise contol. Head on over to the Lotus website, and though the Elise isn't offered in the United States anymore, buyers in other markets can choose between numerous models: there's the base Elise, the Elise Club Racer, the Elise S and the Elise S Club Racer, and that's before even getting into the even more extreme Exige that's also based on the V6 Exige Projects & Upgrades. Lotus Elise Tuning modifications. New details are emerging about the 2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260, and they have us pretty excited. Toyota / Lotus Performance Parts. It's got star shield, traction control, track pack, and the touring pack! elise s1 – early example, sensible upgrades, full service history, new mot The Lotus Elise is a two-seat, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined roadster conceived in early 1994 and released in September 1996 by the British manufacturer Lotus Cars. Compared to the regular Exige, this version weighs 29 kg (41 lb) less. This vehicle was added in the Lotus Update (v4. Lotus reveals Exige 360 Cup, limited to 50 cars the introduction of the new 360 Cup which moves the game forward with striking new design features and performance upgrades that offer  630-405-2288 See Full Size Photos View Full Size Images 2008 Lotus Exige S 240 Upgrades The new Hennessey tuned Lotus Exige called the Venom GT has been debuted at the McCall Motorworks Revival. Just wait until a version comes to the states. If you are fortunate enough to already own an Exige you can find a great range of Lotus Exige carbon accessories on eBay, including door sills, mirror covers, and side skirts. Description: 2006 Lotus EXIGE - Greddy Supercharger, upgraded 5 speed MWR – MR2-T E153 Race spec Transmission with lightened flywheel and up-rated axles (rated to 500hp), Upgraded exhaust, suspension, upgraded Lotus European Y wheels plus many more options and tons of Carbon Fiber Upgrades Runs and drives great a real head turner everywhere you go! Lotus Exige S gets automatic transmission option Sun, 26 Oct 2014 17:17:00 EST. We are offering a broad range of upgrades and spare parts for your Lotus Elise, your Exige or your 340R. HorsepowerFreaks offers the lowest prices on Aftermarket Auto Parts like Catback Exhausts, Cold Air Intakes, Body Kits, Wheels, ECU Tuning, Turbos, and more. Unbelievable ! The difference in Torque is amazing - it all just comes on so much lower and just pulls like a freight train. Lous Exige 360 Cup. Since the 1982 passing of its founder, Colin Chapman, Lotus has endured a number of economic challenges and ownership changes. CARiD offers an entire line of high-quality 2005 Lotus Exige performance parts that can upgrade your car to deliver the power, handling and braking you want. The Elise Sport 220 builds on the many celebrated Elise virtues, blending agility, power, balance and communication into one compact expression of pure driving joy. Lesser upgrades include new projector beam headlamps, subtle Lucky enough to own an Exige V6 or Evora S, but feel like it needs a little more power? Then good news, because Hangar 111 are now offering the KomoTec EX390 and EX410 engine upgrades for the supercharged Toyota 2GR-FE engined models. Lotus Engine Upgrades (Toyota ZZ) There are plenty of ways to improve the power output of your Toyota powered Elise without spending mega money. Do your research on upgrades and mods and you should be ok but as it has been mentioned here already it is a slippery slope I think we need to start a section titled UA Upgrade Anonymous Well Lucas, since my car wasn't originally chargecooled, I had a custom radiator made by Fourseasons Radiator. I drew a schematic with all of the dimensions I wanted and the type of fittings I wanted and they made me a gorgeous 2 inch thick 25" long 3 pass radiator that I fitted brass pipe fittings to and I had them fit a bleed valve at the top so I could bleed the air out without issues! List of Lotus performance specs. 99 Lotus Elise Exige S2 05-11 TOP SPEED PRO-1 Full Titanium Catback Exhaust Systems Looking to upgrade your Lotus Exige S2? Check out our Exhaust, Suspension, Cooling and Braking options. It will bridge the gap between the track-focused Exige Cup 430 and road-biased Exige Sport 350. At our workshops we can carry out the installation and setup of upgrades to all aspects of the engine, suspension, braking system and transmission. Hello guys, first post for me after reading so many topics in this forum. Lotus Elise Exige 2005-2009 Cat-Back Exhaust part # 140208 Used 10k miles $459. Sign in to follow this . I'm very impressed and very pleased that I've done it. The Lotus Exige S is a high-performance version and coupe version of the Lotus Elise. (All kits are now 2nd generation) (2nd generation upgrades include- Stronger and larger rod end bearings. If compared side by side with a Lotus Elise and a Lotus Evora, a lot of people can notice that the back half of the Exige is Used Lotus Exige S2 cars for sale PistonHeads have 19 used Lotus Exige S2 cars available for sale from trade and private sellers We found 19 used cars. Updated bellcrank arm, angled spacer plate for cable bracket) Enter your email below to get regular updates and the latest offers: Driving a Lotus Exige S V6 (series 3) NEED Performance PARTS ? We have prepared an overview of current parts, upgrades and accessories for your Lotus Exige S V6. Seriously Lotus sells Lotus parts and accessories - 3rd party OEM and genuine. The Elise has a fibreglass body shell atop its bonded extruded aluminium chassis that provides a rigid platform for the suspension, while keeping weight and production costs to a minimum. The Exige Sport 350 Roadster is a great addition to the Lotus lineup. Early models used this grommet in conjunction with the long pipe. Elise-Spares Stock a Large Range of New Genuine Lotus Parts and Bespoke Track / Race Parts for the Lotus Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven. Seriously Lotus - for all your Elise & Exige parts. 1) released in June 2016 and can be unlocked by earning 18 trophies in 6 Cyl Mastery or The Lotus Evora has sports car agility, precision and response with GT comfort, practicality and refinement. 5-liter supercharged TOYOTA V-6 delivering 355 horsepower. “ Lotus Exige S2 Touring ” This car is not for people who like to be comfy and cosy, there are some things that make this car akward but that little more exciting to own and drive. Whether you're looking for replacement parts, upgrades or accessories we have the best bits for the Elise, Exige and Evora. Larry's 2008 Exige S240 is the perfect example of a well prepped 111 chassis for track use. Well I've now fitted the Supercharger upgrade to my V6 Exige. Sports car purity and precision. 8T engine from an Audi. The 410, slotted above the 350, receives several upgrades from the Cup 430, including This 2007 Lotus Exige S has 28,100 miles. Lotus Elise is the purest useable sports car on sale and remains one of the greatest driving experiences available at any price. ECU Upgrades There are 6 products. Stainless steel hardware. 2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380; this new Sport 410 related to the latter and benefiting from many of its upgrades but tuned to be more road compliant. Bespoke Performance Packs also available. 2007 Lotus Exige Cup car serial number 001. The Club Racer represents a real value proposition, benefiting from standard upgrades as well as featuring a number of unique additions, for a recommended retail price of The Lotus Exige Sport 350 is the pinnacle of Exige driving for motoring aficionados looking for high performance, agility, dynamic handling and an exhilarating driving experience. It's got star shield, traction control, track pack, and the touring pack! | OTOBekas Elise Spares supplier of Genuine and Quality Replacement Lotus Elise, Exige, 340R, 2-Eleven & Evora ECU & Upgrades for Road, Track Day or Race use Following the release of the eagerly awaited Lotus Exige S, Lotus Racing have been working on a selection of performance upgrades and parts to enhance the safety, handling and performance for track day applications. . (B026E0033Z) The breathing gas exits onto the road. Followers 2. INTERIOR / EXTERIOR 1. Lotus is expanding its Exige range with the Sport 410, which pillages the parts bin of the Exige Cup 430. We are an Official Lotus Heritage Dealer, with 29 years restoration, servicing and repair experience, supplying Lotus parts to the USA and worldwide. Sort By . As the OEM Lotus seats age the foam padding deteriorates into a fine powder resulting in discomfort for your spine, back, and butt against the fiberglass shell. 5-litre V6 engine develops 345bhp (350PS) and delivers punchy 295lbs ft (400Nm) of torque, with the mid-engine set up providing Lotus Elise. Race Parts ValetPro Detailing Products Hurricane induction, hurricane 2007 Lotus Exige Cup car serial number 001. Fuel-injected and supercharged, the 3. 4. Shipping & Receiving. They proposed the 260 upgrade using all original Lotus parts at around the 1200 all in. Working Dials Breakable Glass HD Working Lights Openable Doors, and Trunk Working Steering Wheel LOD's (L0-L2) Tunable [Other than roof and hood upgrades] and More! 2007 Lotus Exige Cup car serial number 001. 2006 Lotus Exige - Black/Black with tons of track upgrades. The Lotus Forums Powered by Invision Inside, Lotus added an Exige-sourced open shifter (1. Upgrades & Tuning Lotus Elise, Exige, 340R, 2-Eleven, & Evora. Lotus Elise/Exige S2 S3 4-cyl ; Lotus Evora, Exige V6 (2GR-FE) Toyota Celica 2000-05 2008 Lotus Exige 240 Original Model: Assetto Corsa, Forza Motorsport 4 Features: HD Interior and Exterior models and Textures. Engineered to make every drive feel special. 1 pounds (0. Lotus Evora HethelSport win ace aero aerodynamics bumpers fiberglass parts accessories modifications mods mirror black pack side sill vinyl GTE GTC GTR available on lotus evora and lotus exige The factory fitted TVS 1320 supercharger is on the limit of it’s operating efficiency window on the V6 Exige. 2 seconds, has a top speed of 180 mph (290 km/h) and boasts an awesome power-to-weight ratio of 407 hp per tonne. It was a Nevada car until 2011 when it went to Indiana with the fourth owner (about 7k miles at the time). Lotus’s own race-tuned Exige tends to tramline and pull mildly to one side under braking, yet Engine 710’s upgrades appear to have solved these niggles. Working Dials Breakable Glass HD Working Lights Openable Doors, and Trunk Working Steering Wheel LOD's (L0-L2) Tunable [Other than roof and hood upgrades] and More! The Lotus Exige S Coupe (Series 3) is the 2011-2015 version of the Lotus Exige S sports car. 5 kg)), carbon fiber race seats (13 pounds (6 kg)), and a combination of polycarbonate materials for the access panel, roll hoop Hangar 111 Exige S & Evora S V6 Supercharger Upgrades. Most Elise owners stick with NASP engines though. lotus exige upgrades

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